New! JBoss Certified Developer in Persistence (JBCD Persistence) Certification

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Red Hat is pleased to announce a new addition to its line of performance-based certifications — JBoss Certified Developer in Persistence. The new JBoss Certified Developer in Persistence has demonstrated the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to use the Java™ Persistence API (JPA) with Hibernate® to create, modify, and maintain persistent objects in business applications. As with all of Red Hat certification exams, the JBCD – Persistence Exam (EX297) continues the practice of evaluating knowledge and skills through hands-on, lab-based exam.

About the JBoss Persistence Certification:

The JBoss Certified Developer in Persistence credential demonstrates an individual’s readiness for the real-world tasks associated with using the Java Persistence API with Hibernate. The JPA is a Java programming language framework for managing relational data, and Hibernate is a high-performance object-relational persistence and query service that implements the JPA. JPA with Hibernate allows application developers to create, modify, and extend applications more efficiently by developing persistent classes in an object-oriented idiom, speeding up development and maintenance time and providing more long-term flexibility in the applications underlying infrastructure.

A JBoss Certified Developer in Persistence is able to perform the following tasks:

  • Configure JPA/Hibernate
  • Map Java objects to relational tables
  • Map object associations to relationships
  • Manage transactions
  • Create and retrieve persistent objects
  • Manipulate persistent objects

About the JBCD – Persistence Exam overview

The JBCD – Persistence exam tests whether candidates are ready for the real-world responsibilities of creating and maintaining Java applications that use the Java Persistence API (JPA) with Hibernate.
The JBCD – Persistence certification is designed for:

  • Experienced Java application developers and architects
  • Business component and database developers

JBCD – Persistence Exam Description Certification program requirements include:

  • The JBCD – Persistence which consists of one section lasting up to four (4) hours.
  • This certification exam is performance-based, meaning that candidates must perform tasks on a live system, rather than answering questions about how one might perform those tasks.
  • The hands-on nature of this exam make real-world experience a critical facet of preparation.
  • Exam results are emailed within five (5) business days following the exam.
  • All JBCD certifications have a ‘current’ window for three (3) calendar years.
  • Read JBCD – Persistence Exam objectives for more information on skills requirements.

JBCD – Persistence Corresponding Course

JBoss Hibernate Technology (JB297) offers training on relational persistence for Java through the Hibernate application stack.


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