Brocade Certified Fabric Designer (BCFD)

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This certification replaces BCSD. It represents mastery of the concepts and subtleties involved with building a Data Center Fabric (DCF) from basic components through the integration of industry applications and state-of-the-art storage components. As a Brocade Certified Fabric Designer, you must exhibit a detailed understanding of DCF design as well as expertise in implementing complete DCF solutions using the latest technologies.

As a Brocade Certified Fabric Designer you will be expected to identify and understand key DCF Design concepts, identify trade-off’s involving manageability, availability, scalability, and performance to create a successful DCF design to suit requirements, and understand and translate the DCF architecture into a deployment plan, including integration into existing DCF environments. To achieve this level of Certification, you are required to pass one exam.

BCSD Examination Information

  • Brocade Certified Fabric Designer (Exam # 143-260)
    – The BCFD exam consists of 55 questions and lasts 90 minutes
    – To pass this exam you must get a score of 64% or better
  • BCFD in a Nutshell Study Guide ( PDF, 3.5 MB)