CIW Web Security Specialist Certification

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The CIW Network Security and Firewalls course teaches you how to secure your network from unauthorized activity. This course teaches you about security principles, such as establishing an effective security policy, and about the different types of hacker activities that you are most likely to encounter. Individuals with these security skills can pursue or advance careers in many aspects of online and network security.

The CIW Network Security and Firewalls course prepares candidates to take the CIW Web Security Associate exam.
1D0-571: CIW v5 Security Essentials

Candidates who also pass ONE of the following certification exams from third-party security training providers earn the foundational CIW Web Security Specialist certification: view list

Target Audience
•Network server administrators
•Firewall administrators
•Systems administrators
•Application developers
•IT security officers

Skills Taught
•Corporate network security policies
•Authentication procedures, encryption standards and implementations
•Ports and protocols that hackers manipulate
•Proactive detection and response/reporting methods
•Preventing and managing hacker penetration

Security Professional
Web Security Specialist
Web Security Associate

CIW Certifications

CIW is run by a for-profit company, Prosoft Learning, which, in turn, is owned by VCampus. According to Prosoft Learning, direction and content of the exams and courseware is influenced by a ‘CIW Advisory Council’, a group consisting of representatives from various academic and commercial enterprises.

CIW (Certified Internet Web Professional) program. CIW offers structured, reliable evidence of Web technology skills competency in several job-role areas, including Web Foundations, Web Design, Web Development and Web Security. CIW offers these job-role certifications in a three-tiered hierarchy of expertise levels: Associate, Specialist and Professional.

CIW certification tracks are vendor-neutral certifications for those who wish to accredit themselves with a certification that closely allies itself with particular job roles or skill sets in an Internet-based environment. CIW certifications are pitched toward anyone working in a web-based enviroment, from webmasters and database designers to server administrators and security specialists. For additional information, please visit the CIW Web site at

The list of CIW certifications are:

  1. CIW Associate – basic knowledge of Internet technologies, Web authoring with XHTML, project management, and network infrastructure and troubleshooting.
  2. CIW Professional – skills related to a particular discipline such as Web site design, security, server administration, application development or database management.
  3. Master CIW Designer – cutting-edge design concepts and tools, industry standard design tools such as Dreamweaver and Flash, site maintenance, authoring and scripting languages, content and digital media creation, and B2B and B2C e-commerce Web site standards.
  4. Master CIW Administrator – identification of network architecture, infrastructure and server administration, network administration skills and network security implementation.
  5. Master CIW Web Site Manager – basic networking, Web site design techniques, Web authoring and scripting languages, and server administration.
  6. Master CIW Enterprise Developer – Web-enabled enterprise application development, e-business solution implementation, database management, distributed object computing, scripting and programming languages, and language theory.
  7. CIW Database Design Specialist – foundational knowledge of common database platforms, plus universal database design principles and SQL.
  8. CIW Security Analyst – strategies and tools for protecting an organization’s assets and operations.

View All CIW Certifications:


Web Foundations Associate*
  » Internet Business Associate*
  » Site Development Associate*
  » Network Technology Associate*


Web Design Professional*
  » Web Design Specialist*
  » E-Commerce Specialist*


Web Development Professional*
  » JavaScript Specialist*
  » Perl Specialist*
  » Database Design Specialist*


  Web Security Associate*
  Web Security Specialist*
  Web Security Professional*
   Security Analyst


  CIW Professional
  Associate Design Specialist
  Master Designer
  Master Administrator
  Master Web Site Manager
  Master Enterprise Developer
  Grand Master Developer