CIW Certifications

CIW is run by a for-profit company, Prosoft Learning, which, in turn, is owned by VCampus. According to Prosoft Learning, direction and content of the exams and courseware is influenced by a ‘CIW Advisory Council’, a group consisting of representatives from various academic and commercial enterprises.

CIW (Certified Internet Web Professional) program. CIW offers structured, reliable evidence of Web technology skills competency in several job-role areas, including Web Foundations, Web Design, Web Development and Web Security. CIW offers these job-role certifications in a three-tiered hierarchy of expertise levels: Associate, Specialist and Professional.

CIW certification tracks are vendor-neutral certifications for those who wish to accredit themselves with a certification that closely allies itself with particular job roles or skill sets in an Internet-based environment. CIW certifications are pitched toward anyone working in a web-based enviroment, from webmasters and database designers to server administrators and security specialists. For additional information, please visit the CIW Web site at

The list of CIW certifications are:

  1. CIW Associate – basic knowledge of Internet technologies, Web authoring with XHTML, project management, and network infrastructure and troubleshooting.
  2. CIW Professional – skills related to a particular discipline such as Web site design, security, server administration, application development or database management.
  3. Master CIW Designer – cutting-edge design concepts and tools, industry standard design tools such as Dreamweaver and Flash, site maintenance, authoring and scripting languages, content and digital media creation, and B2B and B2C e-commerce Web site standards.
  4. Master CIW Administrator – identification of network architecture, infrastructure and server administration, network administration skills and network security implementation.
  5. Master CIW Web Site Manager – basic networking, Web site design techniques, Web authoring and scripting languages, and server administration.
  6. Master CIW Enterprise Developer – Web-enabled enterprise application development, e-business solution implementation, database management, distributed object computing, scripting and programming languages, and language theory.
  7. CIW Database Design Specialist – foundational knowledge of common database platforms, plus universal database design principles and SQL.
  8. CIW Security Analyst – strategies and tools for protecting an organization’s assets and operations.

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Web Foundations Associate*
  » Internet Business Associate*
  » Site Development Associate*
  » Network Technology Associate*


Web Design Professional*
  » Web Design Specialist*
  » E-Commerce Specialist*


Web Development Professional*
  » JavaScript Specialist*
  » Perl Specialist*
  » Database Design Specialist*


  Web Security Associate*
  Web Security Specialist*
  Web Security Professional*
   Security Analyst


  CIW Professional
  Associate Design Specialist
  Master Designer
  Master Administrator
  Master Web Site Manager
  Master Enterprise Developer
  Grand Master Developer