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在這個人才濟濟的社會裏,你不覺得壓力很大嗎,不管你的學歷有多高,它永遠不代表實力。學歷只是一個敲門磚,而實力確是你穩固自己地位的基石。Lpi的117-202考試認證就是一個流行的IT認證,很多人都想擁有它,有了它就可以穩固自己的職業生涯,Killtest Lpi的117-202考試認證培訓資料是個很好的培訓工具,它可以幫助你成功的通過考試而獲得認證,有了這個認證,你將得到國際的認可及接受,那時的你再也不用擔心被老闆炒魷魚了。

突然發現,很多人對自己未來的所有計劃都有同一個開頭———等我有了錢…….但是,IT認證考試不能等。如果你覺得購買Killtest Lpi的117-202考試培訓資料利用它來準備考試是一場冒險,那麼整個生命就是一場冒險,走得最遠的人常常就是願意去做願意去冒險的人。

Killtest提供的培訓資料和正式的考試內容是非常接近的。你經過我們短期的特殊培訓可以很快的掌握IT專業知識,為你參加考試做好準備。我們承諾將盡力幫助你通過Lpi 117-202認證考試。你要用自己的努力换取成功哦。

全球的經濟處於萎迷期,此時,更需要給自己充電,才能讓自己不被如此嚴峻的形勢擊倒。Killtest 117-202考題是如何做到讓考生如此的自信,如此不懼怕考試失敗呢?本考題一切從考生的權利為主,讓考生不再擔心,既使考試失敗了,憑藉不過的成績單就會得到退還購買Killtest 117-202考題費用的保證。

LPIC-1 117-101考古題最新資訊

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LPIC-1 117-101 考試是Lpi公司的 LPIC Level 1 Exam 101 認證考試官方代號 ,The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) 即 Linux 專業協會,成立於99年,總部在加拿大多倫多附近,致力於推動 Linux 的應用、開源事業、免費軟件。它影響最大的是 LPIC 這個 Linux 産業標准證書,與之有關的認證與培訓遍佈世界各地。

隨著 Linux 人才日益成爲企業的新寵,相應的人才培養嚴重滯後的現象,複旦科技園的領導高 瞻遠矚的選擇了最專業的 Linux 課程開發商作爲其培訓合作夥伴,由KillTest提供課程教 材教案、課後輔導和技術支援, LPI 協會提供國際認證,共同培養企業急需的專業知識紮實的 Linux 管理人才。

學生一族參加117-101考試能否順利過關成為了家長的煩憂,選擇最新的KillTest 117-101考題是考生最聰明的選擇。當然考生可以在網路中搜尋免費的117-101考題下載,這種不用花錢的117-101考題免費下載可以作為學生參加117-101考試參照。以學生的形式去參加認證考試不會花費很多的錢去相關的資策會補習班報名上課,他們不想讓父母為了他們花費這些錢的,畢竟父母的錢也是來之不易的。

LPIC-3 Certification (Senior Level Linux Professional)

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The LPIC-3 certification track is the pinnacle credential offered by the LPI certification and is aimed at experienced Linux professionals. As the upper-level of a three-tiered certification program, candidates who wish to earn the LPIC-3 credential must first obtain both the LPIC-1 and the LPIC-2 certifications (although the exams for all three certification tracks can be taken in any order).

Candidates can choose to earn the ‘core’ LPIC-3 credential by passing just one exam or they can elect to supplement that credential by passing an additional specialisation exam:

  1. LPI 117-301 Core Exam

Elective exams (optional only):

  1. LPI 117-302 Mixed Environment Exam
  2. LPI 117-303  Security
  3. LPI 117-304 Virtualization and High Availability

LPI intend to introduce three more elective exams in the near future.

The core LPIC-3 exam consists of 50 questions and 90 minutes to complete them unless the exam includes non-scoring evaluation questions (called ‘pilot items’) that the LPI use for testing purposes. In that case the candidate will be allowed 120 minutes to complete the exam to account for the extra questions. Subject topics are weighted, meaning some exam topics are given greater emphasis in the exam than others. For that reason, the number of questions required to pass the exam will vary, however candidates must score at least 500 on a scale of 200-800 to pass.

Candidates receive their results at the end of the exam, with an indication of a pass or a fail. Successful candidates can look forward to having their details updated in the ‘candidate area’ on the official LPI website shortly after passing the exam, but will have to wait a little while longer for their official LPIC-3 certificate to arrive in the mail (allow up to 5 weeks).

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LPIC-2 Certification (Intermediate Level Linux Professional)

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The LPIC-2 certification is the second in a series of three Linux certifications offered by the LPI certification, sandwiched as it is between the LPIC-1 and LPIC-3. LPIC-2 certified individuals should have the skills and knowledge to be able to adequately plan and administer a small to medium sized network comprising of mixed platform workstations and servers, Internet gateways, firewalls, proxies etc., and have an all-round awareness of automation techniques and peripherals.

Candidates wishing to obtain the LPIC-2 certification must first pass the LPIC-1 before they can be awarded their certificate (although candidates who do not already hold the LPIC-1 credential can start with the LPIC-2 exams first if they wish – the LPIC-2 certificate will be withheld until the candidate then goes on to complete the LPIC-1 exams).

To gain the LPIC-2 credential, candidates must pass two exams (click on each link to go directly to the exam objectives):

  1. 117-201 (Lpi Level 2 Exam 201)
  2. 117-202 (Lpi Level 2 Exam 202)

The exams can be taken in any order, and candidates have up to five years to pass the second exam after successfully passing the first.

Each grouping of exam objectives is weighted differently meaning that some sections will be given more attention in the exam. Each exam consists of 60 questions in a 90 minute time frame and a passing score is 500 or more on a scale of 200-800, although due to ‘weighting’, the number of questions that a candidate must successfully answer in order to pass will vary from exam to exam. In some cases candidates will receive extra questions (referred to as ‘pilot items’) in their exam (making a total of 80 questions in total) and will be allocated extra time (120 minutes in total). The LPI uses these questions for research and evaluation purposes for future upgrades to the LPIC exams. These questions are not graded and do not count towards a candidate’s final score.

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LPIC-1 Certification (Junior Level Linux Professional)

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The LPIC-1 certification track is the first-step, entry-level credential along the LPI certification ladder. Candidates who wish to progress on to the higher-level LPIC certifications first need to pass the LPIC-1. The scope of the LPI Junior level certification means that successful candidates who pass the LPIC-1 exam will have sufficient knowledge with Linux to operate reasonably with the Linux command line, be able to carry out simple administration tasks such as user and object setup and control, backups, system monitoring and workstation configuration. The LPIC-1 is required for candidates wishing to go on an earn the  LPIC-2 and LPIC-3 credentials.

To obtain the LPI Linux Junior Level certification a candidate needs to pass two exams (for an overview of the exam objectives for the LPIC-1 exams, click the respective links below):

  1. 117-101 (Lpi Level 1 Exam 101)
  2. 117-102 (Lpi Level 1 Exam 102)

There are no pre-requisites required for either exam meaning you can take them without any prior qualifications or certifications.

Each exam consists of 60 questions with a total time frame of 90 minutes to complete them. Occasionally, candidates will receive a test with extra questions interspersed throughout the exam. The LPI uses these questions (called ‘pilot items’) for research and evaluation purposes for future upgrades to the LPIC exams. These questions are not graded and do not count towards a candidate’s final score, however extra time is allocated to the candidate to finish the exam. In such cases, candidates can expect an exam with 80 questions and 120 minutes to complete them. Candidates must score at least 500 on a scale of 200-800 to pass, however questions for each exam can be ‘weighted’ differently meaning the number of questions needed to be answered correctly can vary. Each section listed in the official list of exam objectives has been given a ‘weight’ factor which corresponds to the number of questions on that subject the candidate can expect in the exam – i.e. a section with a weight of ‘3’ will have 3 questions in the exam related to it.

The exams can be taken in any order and candidates can take up to five years to complete the second of the two exams before the first exam must be retaken.

Candidates will be advised of a pass/fail score at the conclusion of their exam, and successful candidates can expect to receive their LPIC-1 certificate through the mail within 2-5 weeks. Successful candidates will appear on LPI’s website in their ‘candidate area’ within a couple of days of successfully passing the exams.

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New! LPI Certifications

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The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) offers a series of Linux certifications (LPIC) aimed at professionals who wish to demonstrate general Linux skills and competencies from beginner through to senior level.

The Linux Professional Institute Certification (LPIC) program is designed to certify the competency of IT professionals using the Linux operating system and its associated tools. It is designed to be distribution neutral, following the Linux Standard Base and other relevant standards and conventions. 

The LPI certifications are vendor-independent and distribution-neutral which provides candidates with the opportunity to demonstrate all-round, general Linux skills, as well as providing a progressive certification path that may be viewed as more portable than a proprietary Linux certification. Additionally, the three separate tiers of the LPI (LPIC-1, LPIC-2 and LPIC-3) provide various starting points, and a natural progression, for candidates depending on their existing Linux skill level.

The three LPIC certification levels are:

  1. LPIC-1  Junior Level Linux Professional
  2. LPIC-2  Intermediate Level Linux Professional
  3. LPIC-3  Senior Level Linux Professional

Each level is a stand-alone credential in its own right, so candidates can choose to stop at any particular level. Each lower level, however, is a pre-requisite for each of the levels above it (i.e. LPIC-1 is required to qualify to take LPIC-2, and LPIC-1 and LPIC-2 are required to be eligible for LPIC-3).

All LPI exams are computer-based, meaning candidates sit at a remote computer terminal and answer a series of multiple-choice and short answer questions.

Novell CertifiedLinux Administrator 11 and LPIC 1 (CLA 11)

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CLA 11 LPI Learning Path Learning path for those seeking the CLA 11 LPI Certification.

Note: Each course and test description below is a link to additional information.

1. SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 Fundamentals Course 3101) – 3 days
2. SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 Administration (Course 3102) – 5 days
3. Lpi Level 1 Exam 117-101 and 117-102