New! Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE)

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Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) is a performance-based test that measures actual competency on live systems. Called the “crown jewel of Linux certifications,” RHCE proves an individual’s ability to configure networking services and security on servers running a Red Hat OS. RHCE was recently named the hottest certification in all of IT by

The RHCE certification (Red Hat Certified Engineer) is Red Hat’s most widely known, and widely respected, Linux qualification. The hands-on nature of the exam coupled with its perceived difficulty has gone a long way to making the RHCE credential something worth having and something employers are increasingly aware of.

In order to gain the RHCE certification candidates must successfully pass a full-day, hands-on performance-based exam, RH302, consisting of two distinct sections:

Section I: Troubleshooting and System Maintenance (2.5 hours)
Section II: Installation and Configuration (3 hours)

To pass and gain the RHCE certification credential, candidates must meet all of the following:

Achieve a score of 80 or higher on Section I, consisting of compulsory and optional problems;
Successful completion of the Section I compulsory troubleshooting problems within one hour of that section’s start time;
Achieve 70 percent or more on the RHCT-level skills in Section II;
Achieve 70 percent or more on the RHCE-level skills in Section II.

Candidates will be e-mailed their results within three US business days along with a digital certificate if successful.

It is possible to fail the RHCE exam yet still gain the lower-level RHCT certification by successfully completing the sections of the exam that are tied to the RHCT competencies. In such situations, candidates will still be required to pass the complete RCHE exam if they wish to retake the exam and become RHCE qualified. A candidate may retake the exam as many times as they wish upon payment of the applicable exam fees.

Because the RHCE is lab-based, exams can only be taken at Red Hat authorized facilities (consult the Red Hat website for information on facilities in your area) and only during specific times. This is something that should be considered when factoring the total cost of obtaining the RHCE credential as travel costs could be quite significant depending on your location. Candidates may not take notes or other materials into the testing area.

For those who require formal training, Red Hat offer training courses both online and offline to help candidates prepare for the RHCE exam. Red Hat offer various training and exam packages depending on the level of experience a candidate already has, including a ‘success package’ which comprises a training course as well as two attempts at the exam (according to Red Hat, less than 50% of first-time takers pass the RHCE exam, with the success rate climbing to around 75% on the second attempt).

As with all Red Hat certifications, RHCE qualified individuals are considered current for the life of the release under which the qualification was earned so a candidate’s RCHE qualification will expire at some point in the future – another cost factor that needs to be considered if a candidate wishes to stay current. Recertification requires taking the current version of the RH302 exam again as there is no ‘upgrade’ exam.